Banners – Inexpensive, Eye Catching and Portable

When considering the promotion of your business there are many ways that it can be done. How you choose to promote your business totally depends on when and where. If you are planning on attending a trade show, sporting or recreational event, entertainment | READ MORE

Company Marketing Strategy Should Include Packaging

In today’s competitive marketplace, packaging must be designed to give its contents the best possible chance of being selected by the consumer. To accomplish this effectively, packaging must be included as part of the company marketing strategy | READ MORE

Promotional Plastic Bags Great for Advertising Seasonal Offers

Retailers have long taken advantage of the free advertising that can be had by handing purchases over to customers in promotional carry bags. They make sure the bags are emblazoned with store logos, business phone numbers, web addresses or any other | READ MORE

More Attention Needed To Sugar In Foods

Despite the overwhelming amount of information available on diets and the benefits of healthy eating, our obesity epidemic shows no signs of declining. Perhaps there is simply too much information available, making it difficult for people to make informed | READ MORE

Some Plastic Packaging Hard To Open

One of the many changes people find that creep ups on them as they age is a loss of strength, especially in their hands and fingers. While many people over 50 maintain a healthy level of activity through walking, sport and socialising, spending time | READ MORE

Reducing Fat Intake In Daily Diet Essential To Good Health

It is rather a sad indictment on our western society that in the past thirty years the number of people officially classed as obese has risen to over 50% of the population. One of the key reasons for this, apart from our general lack of regular exercise, | READ MORE

Modern Food Packaging Designed To Withstand Temperatures

Food was to wrap fish and chips in greaseproof paper, and seal in the heat with a layer of newspaper. The best method available for cold food if the household didn’t possess a refrigerator, was an ice box kept reasonably cold, funnily enough, with | READ MORE

Branded Plastic Bags A Hit With Marketing Gurus

These are challenging times for marketers. Twenty years ago, television was king, and any worthwhile marketing campaign included a clever commercial and perhaps a jingle that was shown at peak viewing time, wormed its way into our heads, and popped into | READ MORE

Well-Designed Packaging Part Of Customer Experience

Marketing as a concept evolved in the early twentieth century from early attempts by shopkeepers and manufacturers to make their goods or products visually attractive to potential customers. Through a process of trial and error, early retailers identified | READ MORE

How To Read A Nutrition Panel

Consumers generally have never been more aware of the role diet plays in the overall state of our health. The popularity of television programs about weight-loss, lifestyle and culinary pursuits speaks volumes for the number of people now trying to make | READ MORE

Easy Tear Food Packaging A Convenient Alternative

As consumers, we have all been in the situation where we are desperately trying to quickly get into a packet of some type of food, and find to our frustration that one of two possible scenarios is played out. Number one is that it’s so tamper-proof | READ MORE

Do You Know Which Plastics Can Be Recycled?

It’s an accepted ritual in every suburb in Australia where the local authorities provide a separate bin for recycling - separate the recyclable material, put it in the bin with the yellow lid (or whatever other colour differentiates it from household | READ MORE

Printed Banners A Low-Cost Way To Sell A Message

There are very few organisations selling a product or service that don’t spend money on advertising, and larger businesses usually have an advertising budget, some more generous than others. No matter how large or small the amount available, every | READ MORE

Canned Or Plastic Packaged Fruit - Which Is Best?

There was a time when many suburban gardens had small orchards growing behind the house. It was childhood bliss to play for hours with friends in the back yard, climbing the trees to pick the ripening fruit when hunger pangs interrupted the game. Oranges, | READ MORE

Food Packaging An Important Ally In The Preservation of Vegetables

One of the boons to our busy lifestyle has been the advent of frozen vegetables and to a lesser extent, fruit. At the end of a hectic day, the sheer convenience of taking a packet of frozen vegetables from the freezer and having it on the table ready | READ MORE

Acrylamide - A New Finding In Food Science

There is an incredible amount of conflicting information about the foods eaten in Western society, usually tied to the latest diet fad promising to melt kilos. When not connected to weight loss the other burning issue for consumers is health, specifically | READ MORE

BPA In Plastic Packaging Under The Microscope

The high quality of modern packaging has allowed consumers to have the utmost confidence in the integrity of the contents, so any issue that causes us to question that confidence is a concern worth investigating. Recent world-wide media reports of possible | READ MORE

Labelling Of GM Foods A Must

Early humans were masters at the art of observing nature, and understandably so, as often their survival depended upon it. Predicting natural events like severe storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like by observing behavioural changes in animals, hours | READ MORE

Basic Information On Product Recalls

As consumers, we have become accustomed to having most of our food pre-packged in some form or other, and we also have confidence in the information on the packaging regarding the food inside i.e. its nutritional content, the additives and colourings | READ MORE

Banner Advertising Now All The Rage

With the cost of advertising increasing each year, getting the most coverage from the advertising dollar has become a vital part of every organisation’s marketing efforts. Print media is under pressure from digital options like web pages and email | READ MORE

Food Additives - A Quick Explanation

Australians generally enjoy some of the best food in the world with a ready supply of fresh and processed food moving through our supply networks every day. We are spoiled for choice in terms of variety, quality and price and the most important characteristic | READ MORE

Information Overload On Food Packaging

As consumers have become better educated and more health conscious, they have, over the past two decades, demanded more information about the nutrient content of packaged foodstuffs. Campaigns by organizations such as Choice (formerly the Australian | READ MORE

Food Packaging Disclosures Must Be In Plain Sight

Modern food packaging is convenient, eye catching, functional and designed to not only keep the contents fresh for extended periods of time, but also to protect them from contamination. Despite the fact that the food industry is now one of the most regulated, | READ MORE

Printed Plastic Bags Get The Word Around Fast

Those misguided marketing analysis who have suggested that the bulk of any company’s marketing budget should be poured into strategies such as newspaper advertising, should take a trip on public transport and look at the carry bags that most commuters | READ MORE

All About Polyethylene Bags

If you've ever gone grocery shopping and used one of those ubiquitous plastic bags to bring your purchases home, you've already been acquainted with polyethylene. After all, polyethylene is the substance out of which those bags are made. All of the positive | READ MORE

The Benefits of Plastic Bags

Whether you own a grocery store or another type of retail outlet, it's important to give your customers a way to carry the items that they purchase to their homes. Without a doubt, plastic bags are the most convenient ways of doing this. For many years | READ MORE

Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products

Globalisation has brought many benefits to the world. While Australia relies on many products that come from other countries, a huge range of products - and produce - are made right here. Whenever Australian-made products are available, it is always | READ MORE

Food Packaging Suppliers and Labelling

Finding the right packaging for the food that you produce can be a confusing thing. Once you've settled upon a design that will help market your food in the best way possible - and keep it fresh and safe to use - you have to deal with another important | READ MORE

Tips for Developing the Right Food Packaging

When trying to successfully market a food product, there are many important considerations to keep in mind. In addition to developing an exceptional product, you're going to need to package it in an attractive and useful way. Without the right food packaging, | READ MORE

Help the Environment with Reusable Bags

As a retailer, your top priority has to be keeping your customers happy. These days, consumers are more conscientious about saving the planet than ever - and most of them have hundreds of used plastic grocery bags stuffed in drawers, cabinets and cupboards | READ MORE

Food Packaging and Social Issues

Most of us don't give a whole lot of thought to the plastic food packaging that we use; we generally rip it open, dispose of it then carry on about our normal business. However, packaging suppliers are well aware of the many social issues that come into | READ MORE

Glass Packaging in Australia

Packaging suppliers in Australia are continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. After all, the food and drinks that you buy are packaged in a variety of different materials; once you've opened them, you're left | READ MORE

Aluminium Packaging in Australia

Drink cans are among the most well known forms of aluminium packaging in Australia today. Chances are, you currently have at least a few of them in your home. One of the reasons they are so ubiquitous is because they are so easy to recycle. Another reason | READ MORE

The Positive Impact Of Plastics In Packaging

Most of us take our plastic food packaging for granted, not realising just how beneficial it actually is. In addition to being convenient and inexpensive, it helps reduce the amount of waste that is produced in Australia each year. There are many intriguing | READ MORE

Food Packaging And The Environment

Food packaging suppliers have a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to the design of their products. In addition to providing food packaging that is attractive, convenient and effective, suppliers must strive to meet - and exceed - | READ MORE

Paper And Cardboard Packaging Information

Many people aren't aware of it, but packaging suppliers in Australia make up a huge part of the overall recycling effort in the country. Although food packaging manufacturers generate a lot of the waste that is created each year, they are also on the | READ MORE

Food And Beverage Packaging And Waste Reduction

Australia is one of the top generators of household waste in the world. Indeed, this country places among the top ten of OECD, or Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, countries when it comes to household waste productions. Interestingly | READ MORE

Interesting Statistics About The Australian Packaging Industry

Considering how much you use and rely upon packaging materials in your daily life, it stands to reason that learning a bit more about the industry that creates them can be interesting. Packaging suppliers are a formidable force in the Australian economy, | READ MORE

Recycling And The Packaging Industry

Many people have the misconception that food packaging makes up a great deal of the total waste in the world today. The truth is, however, that packaging suppliers have always been big proponents of recycling and have always sought to have as little | READ MORE

Barcodes On Packaging

When it comes to successfully marketing and selling any given food product, the packaging that you choose is incredibly important. In addition to aesthetic concerns like the overall appeal and design of food packaging, practical considerations must be | READ MORE

Why Effective Food Packaging Matters

When coming up with suitable food packaging for a product that you're trying to market, you obviously need to make sure that it will help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption. The packaging should make sense for the kind of food that you're selling | READ MORE

The Evolution Of Packaging

Although we seldom consider it, every time we open a food product that we purchased at the store we are taking advantage of thousands of years' worth of innovation in food packaging. Whether it's the cardboard box holding our cereal, the glass jar holding | READ MORE

The Benefits Of Branded Packaging

As anyone with even the slightest bit of marketing know how is already aware, branding is a critical part of successfully marketing a business. If you aren't constantly working at achieving a notable, memorable and persuasive brand for your company, | READ MORE

The Basic Types Of Packaging

When most people think of food packaging, they think of the box that holds their cereal or the can that holds their soup. While those are, indeed, examples of packaging, they are not the only type that is out there. In order to gain a better understanding | READ MORE

Future Trends In Food Packaging

Like anything else, food packaging has to change with the times in order to remain useful and relevant. What worked back during the 1980s and the 1990s simply doesn't work today when it comes to packaging supplies. There are a handful of very important | READ MORE

The Marketing Benefits Of Reusable Bags

Saving the planet is a hot topic these days, and many Australians are getting in on the act and doing their own small part by eschewing throwaway, plastic grocery bags in favour of reusable bags - especially at many major retailers. If you own a business, | READ MORE

Why Printed Packaging Matters

When it comes to marketing your product, presentation is everything. When consumers are looking at buying your products they look for the correct information on the food packaging and how the packaging is presents the product. After all, poorly packaged | READ MORE

Food Labels Assist Consumer Decision Making

With all the different types of food packaging available to consumers, there is really no “one-size-fits-all” approach to choosing a consumer product. Every product is labelled with information designed to assist the consumer to make informed | READ MORE

Attractive Packaging Moves Fresh Produce off the Shelves

Getting fresh produce to market quickly in a country the size of Australia is always a challenge for distributors, so anything that can be done to keep the goods crisp, fresh and inviting is always of interest. Clever people in the fresh food industry | READ MORE

Wrap, Pack, Print – Versatile Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging has become such a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine being without it. Not only is it convenient to use for the people packaging up goods to sell, but for those who buy, it offers security as the goods can be shrink wrapped | READ MORE

Easy Ways to Reduce the Amount of Plastic in Landfill

There is no argument that plastic bags have revolutionised the packaging industry, and made life easier for consumers and suppliers alike. So popular did they become that they proliferated in their hundreds of millions until the general public became | READ MORE

Biodegradable Food Packaging

The environmental movement has been very successful in educating the general public about the consequences of indiscriminate and uncaring attitudes in the past towards our Earth by the human race in general. As individual consumers, most of us have developed | READ MORE

Food Packaging without Brand Labelling a Wasted Promotional Opportunity

It seems that with every visit to a supermarket or a food supplier such as a greengrocer or butcher, there is a food product being packaged in a new and different way to what has become the norm. Salad ingredients are a perfect example. It wasn’t | READ MORE

Left on the Shelf Again? Time to Jazz up your Product’s Appearance

Left on the Shelf Again? Time to Jazz up your Product’s Appearance Everyone in retail at the moment is looking for the magic key that will open consumers’ wallets and get everyone spending again. The trade associations have conducted customer | READ MORE

Branded Packaging a Golden Promotional Opportunity that often goes Begging

There is never a time in business when it’s safe to stop promoting your products or services. Irrespective of how well or how badly the economy is doing, having the business name and products foremost in customers’ minds is the difference | READ MORE

The Christmas Season is a Promotional Dream

With a little imagination, Christmas is one of those rare promotional opportunities that can be used to advantage for all types of businesses. Even if the business is not a physical or online retail outlet, every business exists because it has something | READ MORE

Less is More in Good Packaging Design

In 1970, the average number of items stocked by a supermarket was less than 7,000. By 1993 this number had risen to 15,000. Fast forward to 2005 and the average is a staggering 35,000 and rising every year. Is it any wonder that companies do their utmost | READ MORE

New Year a Perfect Time for New Packaging

Food packaging suppliers are gearing up for a busy start to the New Year. This is typically the time of year when their clients review their current packaging and, in many cases, decide that it needs a make-over. A new year brings with it new colours, | READ MORE

You Just Can’t Beat Experience – Even in Packaging

Packaging these days is every bit as important to the success of the final product as the quality of the contents. It says much about the company producing the product just from its appearance, leaving as it does an impression in the mind of the consumer. | READ MORE

Agricultural and Industrial Products Delivered to Consumers in Designer Bags

The last time you went to a nursery or a hardware store and came away with your purchases, you probably didn’t give too much thought to how they were packaged. After all, these types of items are not what you would call glamorous, like fashion | READ MORE

Printed Carry Bags Tell the Corporate Story

If you are running a business that is selling anything that can be bagged or packaged, and you are not using this as an opportunity to get your brand out there, you are wasting your advertising budget. That may sound like a harsh statement, and there | READ MORE

Plastic Packaging Major Contributor to Integrity of Food Supply

As consumers in a developed nation, we tend to take many things for granted that are still a struggle for less developed areas of the world. Food packaging is a case in point and a perfect example of how our expectations for the integrity of our food | READ MORE

Plastic Bags – A Consumer’s Dream

In this modern age of consumerism and disposability it can be difficult to do the right thing by the environment. Paper bags for groceries and other items were left by the wayside with the introduction of the stronger, waterproof plastic bags. There | READ MORE