Banner Advertising Now All The Rage

With the cost of advertising increasing each year, getting the most coverage from the advertising dollar has become a vital part of every organisation’s marketing efforts. Print media is under pressure from digital options like web pages and email marketing campaigns, so the cost of large newspaper and magazine ads have risen to a point where they are out of the budget range for smaller companies, schools, charities and clubs. This has caused a move away from these traditional avenues and into advertising methods that still get the message out, but leave some funds in the kitty for the next promotion or event.

This environment is perfect for the introduction of banner advertising, a low cost, effective and visual way of getting attention. Imagine the impact of a large vinyl banner across the front of a retail business screaming “Pre-season Sale – 2 days only”, and customers leaving the shop with their purchases in printed plastic bags with the same information, creating dozens of walking ads attracting others to the site.

Printed promotional banners are one of the most effective ways to advertise an event, product or service. From large street banners spanning a roadway to the small sale banners that beckon shoppers into department stores, attention is immediately drawn to the visual images designed to capture interest. The events suggested below are especially suited to banner advertising:

Trade shows – stall holders find printed banners a great way for people to find them in the crowds, and the banners can display images of products, company logos and contact information.

Sporting events – printed banners hung strategically throughout a geographical area not only direct people to the venue, but if used early in the campaign, serve as a constant visual reminder of the date and time of the event.

Backdrops – many companies have corporate events such as awards ceremonies or social events, and use printed banners as stage backdrops to highlight achievements or just to advertise company services.

Versatile, low cost and highly visible, banners can be printed on both sides for maximum exposure, offer a choice of high or low resolution printing as a money saving option, and are easy to install. Another feature is their durability as they are made from weatherproof material. Some companies use a generic design so that the banners can be cleaned and stored, then reused e.g. “Winter Sale” along with the company details, could be used every year.

The wide range of banner products available makes them an attractive marketing option, and a quick call to packaging suppliers who make this product is an essential step for anyone planning an advertising campaign.