Branded Plastic Bags A Hit With Marketing Gurus

These are challenging times for marketers. Twenty years ago, television was king, and any worthwhile marketing campaign included a clever commercial and perhaps a jingle that was shown at peak viewing time, wormed its way into our heads, and popped into our consciousness at the supermarket when we were ready to buy. The technique was so effective that it made fortunes for the advertising agencies that could continue to produce award winning commercials. The television campaign was usually supported by print media and radio, and possibly some gimmicky promotional stunt, but little else. The Internet changed all that, and marketing is now a very complex field.

There is nothing simple about marketing in the twenty-first century. The explosion of the Internet, and the subsequent development of social media has seen marketers scrambling to keep up with the different methods available to them. There are now dozens of theories about marketing, spawning hundreds of ways to market a product including putting information on food packaging.

A quick look at an A-Z listing of marketing methods identified just some of the ways this topic can be approached. The Relationship Marketing Theory of Theodore Levitt focuses on building a continuing relationship to retain the client long-term. The Customer Satisfaction Model of Kano takes a different approach and measures client happiness using a questionnaire.

The Marketing Mix Model concentrates on the 4 P’s; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The function of the Marketing Mix is to develop a package or mix that will not only satisfy the needs of the customers within the target markets, but also optimize the performance of the organization simultaneously.

Brand Personality Dimensions is another marketing method that tries to describe and measure the personality of a brand. There are five core dimensions to be measured to investigate the current status of the brand and the desired future status of the brand. They are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness.

These are only a few of the many marketing methods available. Within each of these methods are a range of strategies and activities, one of which would be the use of branded plastic bags. For any product that requires bagging for convenience, branded plastic bags are an excellent way to generate low-cost advertising that goes everywhere in the community. By literally taking advertising to the streets in plastic bags in Brisbane marketers are increasing their exposure to the market in a low-cost, highly visible way.

After analyzing the demographic statistics, a marketing method will be chosen that suits the type of product and the target market. Along with other marketing strategies such as social media via the Internet, will be the use of branded plastic bags to take home the goods.