Printed Banners A Low-Cost Way To Sell A Message

There are very few organisations selling a product or service that don’t spend money on advertising, and larger businesses usually have an advertising budget, some more generous than others. No matter how large or small the amount available, every company wants to get the best exposure for their dollars, and so there are often competing opinions in the marketing team about what type of advertising should be used. These days, there are any number of options, e.g. print media, internet-based advertising, traditional outlets like radio and television, telemarketing, community sponsorships etc., and the challenge is to get the best result for the least outlay.

One of the cheapest and most visible methods of advertising is one that has been popular in various forms for many years - the printed company banner. Interestingly enough, one business that makes this product is also a major manufacturer of food packaging, quite the contrast from items we pick up every day at the supermarket to brilliant, eye-catching banners advertising everything from the local school fete to major festivals.

Printed company banners are a low-cost, versatile and durable form of outdoor advertising. Large banners can be hung across a main street to advertise a community event, draped across the front of a building to alert customers to a sale or grand opening of a new business, or stretched the length of a float in a festival parade. Banners can be used to advertise a garage sale, a new housing estate, a child’s party, a special event at the local playground, a special offer at the local hardware store. Organisations use banners to publicise trade shows, careers expos, farmer’s markets and many other events.

The most popular and durable material used for banners is vinyl, available in varying weights and double or single-sided. With the large format inkjet printers now available, the vinyl can be printed in sizes up to billboard size on a single piece of fabric or vinyl. Most reasonable quality vinyl banners have a useful life of three to five years. The digitally printed banners are printed with special inks and if prolonged exposure to the weather is likely, they can be UV-resistant. By storing them in large, specially made plastic bags in Brisbane banner owners will prolong the life of their banners, keeping them clean and free of vermin until ready for their next use.

Printed company banners are one of the easiest ways to advertise a product or event. When combined with other advertising techniques like radio and TV coverage, newspaper reports and an email marketing campaign, any product or event will get targetted coverage and ensure a successful result.