Printed Plastic Bags Get The Word Around Fast

Those misguided marketing analysis who have suggested that the bulk of any company’s marketing budget should be poured into strategies such as newspaper advertising, should take a trip on public transport and look at the carry bags that most commuters are using. While most women still have some type of handbag as a fashion accessory, both men and women can be observed carrying extraneous items in plastic bags advertising the business or retail outlet of the item contained in the bag. These bags go with them from one side of the city to another, and are seen by literally hundreds of people in one journey.

There are few marketing products that have stood the test of time as well as promotional plastic bags, and they are now used, not only by retailers in shopping precincts, but by other organisations like not-for-profits, wholesalers, colleges and universities, in fact any business that needs to keep their name before the public.

Not-for-profits gain excellent promotional mileage from handing out service information in brochure form, along with a few other branded items such as pens, plastic drink cups, key rings, mouse pads etc., all assembled into plastic bags bearing their logo, name and a contact phone number or web address.

Visit the next careers expo for ample evidence that these plastic marvels are alive and well. Educational providers will have all kinds of variety in their marketing displays from simple posters to PowerPoint presentations, plus heaps of give-aways, but the one constant among all of them is that their wares are always dropped into a printed plastic bag to take away.

Trade shows are similar vehicles for the emergence of the fantastic plastic, with visitors walking around with multiple bags looking like they had just emerged from the bag pavilion at the local show. Even charities use these promotional bags to market their services. The Lifeline Book Fest immediately comes to mind, where book worms enter hands free and emerge into the sunlight with hands full of reading material purchased for a song and all jammed into - you guessed it - promotional plastic bags.

As a marketing strategy, there is solid value in this approach. The bags are inexpensive, compact to store, light to transport and quick to stuff with goodies, ready to spread the word about the organisation far and wide. They come in a wide range of colours and styles, are easily customised and inexpensive to print.

By customising the design of the plastic bags in Brisbane marketers can create a desirable product that will not be thrown away like supermarket bags, but used many times, giving maximum exposure to keep the name and brand foremost in the minds of consumers.