Why Effective Food Packaging Matters

When coming up with suitable food packaging for a product that you're trying to market, you obviously need to make sure that it will help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption. The packaging should make sense for the kind of food that you're selling - i.e., using a bag for something like pretzels and a can for something like tuna. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, you want your packaging supplies to serve as effective marketing tools for your product. If your product doesn't stand out on the shelf in a positive way, then it will be passed over in favour of more tantalizing options. Designing your packaging with this in mind is key.

Choosing An Eye Popping Design

No matter what kind of food you're selling, it's critical that your product stands out on the shelf. There are many different strategies for doing this, and the one that you employ will largely depend on the type of food you're marketing and the audience that it's being marketed toward. Below, we highlight a few common strategies for designing the right kind of packaging that catches people's eye.

  • Colourful packaging is always a bright idea, especially when it comes to marketing food that is geared toward children. Kids like bright, happy colours so it makes sense to package food intended for them that way. Neon colours and bright primary colours work great for kids, but may not work so well for more mature audiences.

  • Elegantly designed packaging is a good idea for food items that are being marketed to a more upscale crowd. High quality cheese, for example, is best packaged in elegant, sophisticated looking packaging that highlights its quality rather than loud, distracting designs.

  • Pet food should be packaged with both the pet and its owner in mind. You almost always want to include a picture of the animal that the food is intended for; at the same time, the packaging should reflect all of the great reasons why a pet owner should purchase it for his or her furry friend.

  • Wholesome images of fresh fruit, vegetables and grains work very well when it comes to packaging health foods. It's also smart to include a lot of verbiage on such packaging that highlights the healthful benefits of the food that you're selling. Above all else, you want health food to look nutritious and delicious, so that people will actually want to buy it.

  • Snack food and candy items can be packaged in fun, bright designs that make people feel carefree and happy. Eliciting those feelings in consumers encourages them to buy snack foods in the first place, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a suitable design for your candy or snack food item.