Agricultural and Industrial Products Delivered to Consumers in Designer Bags

The last time you went to a nursery or a hardware store and came away with your purchases, you probably didn’t give too much thought to how they were packaged. After all, these types of items are not what you would call glamorous, like fashion items, jewellery and shoes, or electronics such as video games, iPads, phones, and DVDs. They are just the ordinary, everyday things that a handyman might buy to make a new garden or undertake some repairs around the home.

Packaging Must Suit the Product

The market for agricultural and industrial packaging however, is surprisingly robust. Items such as fertilizer, potting mix, mulch, pool chemicals, pet litter and ornamental pebbles all need strong packaging that will hold the product while it is on display, and also being transported. These types of products worth millions of dollars are moved around the country every week. To get them to the consumer safely, in good condition and uncontaminated would be a lot more difficult without packaging that suits the product.

These types of bags are usually ordered from the manufacturers as purpose-made items. The client will specify the size and strength requirements, whether it needs to be lined with plastic or some other material, waterproofed or some other specific quality it needs to have. This will all depend on what the product is that the packaging will contain.

Different Products Need Different Types of Packaging

Many agricultural products need to be in bags that are waterproof, so things like potting mix, fertilizer and pool chemicals are usually packed in plastic bags that are then sealed. For items like ornamental pebbles or other products that may be rough with the potential to burst through the packaging, something stronger that is of a hessian-type material or even a very heavy duty plastic will be requested by the client.

Industrial packaging is extremely varied, and manufacturers report being asked to design and produce packaging for some strange things. Clients have requested packaging for irrigation products, pool covers, emu oil and termite detectors, just to name a few. These have been interesting and challenging requests that have required specially designed packaging that took into account the amount of time these products could be on the shelf. The packaging had to last long enough for slower stock to be sold and used.

Agricultural and industrial packaging can also look attractive and eye catching. It is no different from selling any other product. It must draw the eye away from any competitors and thus a lot of effort goes into producing something that will increase sales. Many manufacturers have their own design teams and will work with clients to produce the exact packaging to get their product to market. Agricultural and industrial packaging is no longer the poor relation, nor is it boring.