Recycling And The Packaging Industry

Many people have the misconception that food packaging makes up a great deal of the total waste in the world today. The truth is, however, that packaging suppliers have always been big proponents of recycling and have always sought to have as little impact on the planet as possible. Learning a bit more about the philosophies of the packaging industry can help you gain a better understanding about why such misconceptions about waste are so false.

How Much Waste Does The Packaging Industry Account For?

Although packaging is everywhere, it only accounts for approximately 10% of total urban solid waste. That is a paltry figure when one considers how many much larger offenders there are out there today. As ubiquitous as food packaging is, it is also often designed with recycling in mind; also, manufacturers usually strive to use the least amount of packaging possible in order to make their products more streamlined and easier to ship. When all is said and done, then, packaging is but a tiny percentage of the overall amount of waste that is produced every year.

Moving Forward With Recycling

The packaging industry has long been a strong proponent of recycling. As technologies have improved, the industry has made additional and more strident efforts to recycle as much as possible - and to make their products as recyclable as possible, too. A good environmental record is evident with the packaging industry, and leaders within the industry are always looking for ways to make their products have even less of an impact on the environment. The biggest hurdle in these attempts has been the market for recycled goods; although it is growing, it is still quite limited and profitability is, naturally, a concern.

Balancing Profitability With Environmentalism

It goes without saying that, as an industry, packaging suppliers need to make a profit in order to stay afloat. Finding a market for recycled and used packaging materials is often easier said than done. Right now, a large proportion of used packaging is shipped overseas - especially to Asia. One goal for 2010 was for the packaging industry to attain a 65% recycling rate. Such goals are excellent tools for improving the industry and for reducing its impact on the environment in general.

Public Opinion Matters

More and more pressure is being exerted by the general public, who are demanding more Earth-friendly products on every level. In this way, the packaging supply industry can hopefully ramp up its efforts to provide more used and recyclable materials for its packaging in the years to come. As saving the planet becomes more important than ever, consumers can count on the packaging industry to come up with new and exciting ways to do its own part.