The Christmas Season is a Promotional Dream

With a little imagination, Christmas is one of those rare promotional opportunities that can be used to advantage for all types of businesses. Even if the business is not a physical or online retail outlet, every business exists because it has something to sell to a customer. A wholesaler sells products to a retailer; a manufacturer sells products to clients who then resell them to customers. A service industry sells its services to a customer.

The consistent picture here is that regardless of what the business does, it still needs to market and promote itself and Christmas with all its trappings is one of the biggest occasions on the calendar. What better way to delight existing customers and attract new ones, than to emblazon your promotional material with typical Christmas colours and symbols?

A Few Ideas for Christmas Banners

Imagine the entrance to your business premises decorated with a generic banner that says “A Christmas Welcome to our Valued Customers!” How about something specific to the business like “Deck the Halls with our Wash and Wear Paint” or “Santa is Early – iPads 30% off!” Get the ideas flowing and the possibilities are endless.

For a consistent theme, pair up the banners with matching Christmas packaging. A bakery could have a suitable Christmas-themed banner across its front window, and matching bread bags. “Keep in Touch at Christmas” could be a promotional banner for a gift shop, with gift baskets wrapped in matching plastic sheeting. A little extra thought will stir the spirit and have Christmas promotions drawing customers to your business like a magnet.

No More Boring Plastic Bags

Another great place to start is with something obvious and inexpensive to produce in large quantities. Everyone uses them, but they are often overlooked by non-retail business operators. This year, when taking Christmas gifts to corporate clients, instead of trying to wrap oddly shaped items in standard gift wrapping, place them in plastic bags. These will not be just any plastic bags, but promotional bags with the company branding in a Christmas theme.

Order the plastic bags in different sizes depending on what gifts the company is handing out. The smaller ones could be used for standard promotional gifts such as pens, key rings, bottle openers, mug mats, and so on. For larger corporate gifts such as hampers, cooler bags and lapdesks, the larger, stronger plastic bags will keep the gifts secure and remind the client company which of their suppliers came up with such a great idea. It could be a talking point at the next board meeting or industry event.

Marketing and promotion is becoming more about numbers and less about people. As this push to get the customers' dollars gets more aggressive, customers are looking for a bit of sincerity with their bargains. There is nothing like Christmas to make even the most jaded feel some warmth in their hearts. Click here for more information. Wrap these emotions in Christmas packaging and watch the sales figures increase.