Branded Packaging a Golden Promotional Opportunity that often goes Begging

There is never a time in business when it’s safe to stop promoting your products or services. Irrespective of how well or how badly the economy is doing, having the business name and products foremost in customers’ minds is the difference between survival and closure. Nowadays, there is really no excuse for not promoting a business, especially since there are so many different ways to do it.

Apart from all the different opportunities available now to get the message out there, the cost of promotion in many areas has reduced dramatically. Computer generated graphics, computer printing, cheap but effective materials such as plastic and automated processes have reduced the labour content and thus the cost. There are also many more locations suitable for promotional products, and while there still is a place for the roadside billboard, this is very expensive and limited in its reach.

Dabron Packaging is a local company specialising in the production of exclusive promotion packaging. Carry bags made from plastic, produce bags, heavy duty bags, industrial and horticultural bags are all opportunities to advertise and promote a product. Dabron can reproduce your own designs and logo or use their full design facilities for clients who need help with artwork.

How Much Exposure does Promotional Packaging Get?

Just think for a minute about the number of times in a day that the average consumer either uses a bag to hold a purchase, or sees bags being used by others. It would be dozens and perhaps hundreds of times, especially for those who work in busy shopping centres. Every bag is an opportunity to promote a business or service. Almost every bag would have either the name of a shop or business on it, or a logo or a product name.

Consider bags being transported throughout the city and country on trucks. Most of these are more robust and are usually made from polypropylene/fabric, thick lined paper such as cement bags, or some other durable product. A load of fertilizer goes through town on a flatbed truck, its product name and logo clearly visible to any observer. Bags by the hundred are unloaded at large industrial facilities, all branded with promotional signage, and all are seen by every employee and passer-by.

Is It Worth the Cost for a Short Promotion?

With a large manufacturing facility turning out all kinds of promotional products daily, Dabron Packaging has a promotion solution for every occasion. Sometimes bags don’t suit the purpose. The business may be advertising an end of season or stocktaking sale, and they want maximum exposure for just a few days. In this instance, expensive signage is not cost effective. However, a couple of large shop front or street banners advertising the event at a fraction of the cost will have the customers tracking through the place in droves.

The product may be something less permanent such as perishable food items. The opportunities these products present are absolute gold. Almost everyone buys food, mostly at supermarkets. Every product on the shelves, from packaged salads to smallgoods and from breakfast cereals to frozen vegetables and everything else in-between is a promotional opportunity.

Dabron’s website shows the full range of promotional products they manufacture. Check out and don’t be surprised at the household names you see among their examples. Any company that is not using these simple opportunities to advertise their product could be missing out on additional revenue.