Less is More in Good Packaging Design

In 1970, the average number of items stocked by a supermarket was less than 7,000. By 1993 this number had risen to 15,000. Fast forward to 2005 and the average is a staggering 35,000 and rising every year. Is it any wonder that companies do their utmost to package their products in a way that will draw the attention of the consumer?

If a product is going to be stocked in one of the large supermarket chains, it must be able to compete with other similar products. Investing in the best packaging to suit the product is vital. This includes everything from the material it is made from, the shape, the design, the way it feels in the customer’s hand, in fact -- everything.

Dabron Packaging is a local company specialising in printed packaging, and supplying all of Queensland either directly or through their agents. With over 30 years experience in the packaging industry, they are able to offer a complete service, from design to the final product, or they will manufacture from a client's design. This depth of knowledge enables Dabron Packaging to also assist with advice on the type of packaging that suits a particular product.

Consumers Want No-Fuss Packaging to Get Information Quickly

One of the common mistakes that new packaging designers make is to overdo the pizzazz factor to the extent that they lose sight of the needs of the customer. Nobody is denying that having eye-catching food packaging will draw the attention of the customer. However, if the packaging is so fussy and confusing that they can’t quickly find information, such as the product expiry date, its quantity or the key attribute they are looking for, it will be returned to the shelf. This is a lesson learnt early by experienced companies like Dabron Packaging that do regular market research to keep on top of current consumer trends.

Another issue to consider is that the product inside the packaging is readily accessible when the time comes for the consumer to use it. How many times have you personally refused to buy an otherwise excellent product because it was difficult to open? For example, some cereals have everything going for them according to their external packaging, but the packet inside can’t be opened unless it is stabbed with a knife. Many other dried food products have similar problems.

Packaging must be Multi-Purpose

Good food packaging should be multi-purpose. It should protect the integrity of the contents so that they are suitable for consumption when opened. It should provide all the nutritional information on the nutrition panel that the consumer needs to make an informed decision. The shape should be as symmetrical as possible, given the contents. Consumers dislike odd-shaped packaging that doesn’t fit easily into a shopping bag or the pantry when they get it back home. It should also fulfil its broader role of promotion packaging to increase the brand awareness.

This is a big request, but companies that do it well get their products in the best places on the shelves, and are rewarded with increased sales when their delighted customers come back for more. Packaging is now as important to the consumer as the product itself. A visit to www.dabron.com.au will showcase some of their well-known customers and their familiar packaging. If you want your product to be as well received, contact them now.