Printed Carry Bags Tell the Corporate Story

If you are running a business that is selling anything that can be bagged or packaged, and you are not using this as an opportunity to get your brand out there, you are wasting your advertising budget. That may sound like a harsh statement, and there is no suggestion that you should immediately abandon your current advertising methods. However, telling your business story on your packaging is still one of the cheapest and most effective of all advertising methods.

Dabron Packaging is a local company that has been producing promotional packaging of all types for over 30 years, and with full design facilities to assist their clients with eye-catching designs and slogans, they can turn the humble carry bag into something that screams “Buy Me!”

Plenty of Options to Suit Client Needs

Clients have a choice of materials for their carry bags. Dabron uses polyethylene, polypropylene/fabric recycled or degradable materials and will supply plain carry bags if that is what the client wants. But why would you not use the opportunity to have the best carry bags and hit your competitors with a knock-out blow?

Printed carry bags go with the customer everywhere and turn up at the most unlikely places, even when the products inside have been taken out and left at home. We have all grabbed any old carry bag from the kitchen cupboard to put our joggers in when we can’t find our gym bag. Suddenly, everyone at the gym has been introduced to whatever organisation was being advertised on the bag, and it didn’t cost the company any extra for the advertising.

Versatile Range of Carry Bags in Different Materials

The printed bags that are available from Dabron Packaging come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Clients of the company appreciate that they offer full design facilities and are able to assist with art work, and can also recommend the most suitable type of material for the carry bags. For example, if the business is built around environmentally responsible products, it would not do to have promotional material printed onto anything other than recycled paper or other degradable material.

The quality of the printing process used by Dabron to produce their printed carry bags ensures that every bag is evenly printed, the colour is uniform throughout the batch and the bag itself is sturdy enough to hold the designated product. As a specialist in the manufacture of printed carry bags, Dabron are happy to respond to queries about their services, and will provide a quote on request.

Printed carry bags are the perfect opportunity to combine customer service, that is, supplying a bag for the convenience of your customer, with promotion. Why pay for plain, unprinted bags when colourful printed carry bags serve the same purpose but say so much more about your company and product? For more information including photos of some of the well-known companies who use Dabron for their packaging, go to